Bristol-Warner, Santa Ana, CA

This primarily residential neighborhood is the place to be for younger families and teens. Want to know more about Santa Ana neighborhoods before you book your Bristol-Warner taxi? Here’s the lowdown on Bristol-Warner, Santa Ana.

Bristol-Warner Restaurants

Craving top-rated Mexican food? You’re in luck. There’s three Mexican places all on one block. Taqueria El Zamorano and Las Brisas are two of the best restaurants near Bristol-Warner. For the healthy foodie, there’s a smoothie and juice bar right on the corner called Cancun Juice. After a day of exploring Santa Ana in your Bristol-Warner taxi, it’s the perfect stop for an afternoon boost.

Bristol-Warner Demographics
Population: 2,500
Median Age: 28.3
Families: Approximately 43% of Bristol-Warner families have children under age 18.

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