Bristol Memory, Santa Ana, CA

Near the corner of Bristol Street and Memory Lane, you’ll find A+ housing, plenty of amenities, and year-round sunshine. With a low crime rate and plenty to do, this Santa Ana neighborhood is one of the best in the city. There’s even a local rock band named after this intersection! Want to know more before you book your Bristol Memory taxi? Here’s the lowdown on Bristol Memory, Santa Ana.

Bristol Memory Restaurants

Within just 2 blocks, there’s a food for every mood. If you’re in the mood for island grooves, Aloha Hawaiian BBQ is the perfect place to lay back and relax for a meal with friends. Looking for Pizza, Mexican, or Teriyaki? There’s all that and more. The busy shopping complex in the neighborhood offers entertainment before and after your meal, and a place to meet up with the rest of your group. Yellow Cab's Bristol Memory taxi service even offers handicap accessible vehicles to accomodate everyone in your party. We are available for reservation 24/7 when you call 714-999-9999, or by filling out our easy online form.

Bristol Memory Demographics

Population: 638
Population Density (per square foot): 1,362
Compare to Santa Ana’s population density of 12, 033.
Median Age: 27.4
Families: Approximately 66% of Bristol Memory families have children under age 18.

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