Bella Vista, Santa Ana, California

Want to know more about Santa Ana neighborhoods before you book your Bella Vista taxi? Here’s the lowdown on Bella Vista, Santa Ana.

Bella Vista Restaurants

Craving a slice? Slide on down to Shakey’s, Giovanni’s, or South Coast Pizza Parlor for some good and greasy take-out pizza. Though this neighborhood is small, you can find locally-owned restaurants just a Bella Vista taxi ride away! If you’re craving an authentic Mexican breakfast, check out Potzol den Cano. With three locations in Mexico, this place is about as authentic as it gets. It’s one of Santa Ana’s best-kept foodie secrets and has been featured in several online foodie forums, including Food GPS, OC Weekly, and OC Register.

Bella Vista Demographics

Population: There are approximately 4,000 residents in Bella Vista, Santa Ana.
Median Age: 27.9 years old
Families: 62% of Bela Vista families have children under age 18.
Language: The majority of Santa Ana residents speak Spanish as their first language.

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