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Enjoy Irvine nightlife by reserving a Yellow Cab taxi to transport you and your party to bars, restaurants, music venues, and lounges. Yellow Cab has a large fleet of clean, late model sedans and vans to accommodate up to six passengers comfortably. Our cabs are equipped with the most advanced computerized dispatch, telephone, and GPS systems in the industry to ensure dependable service. Yellow Cab taxis are available 24/7 in Irvine. Call or book online any time, day or night.

Top Irvine Nightlife:

Anthill Pub & Grille

4200 Campus Dr
Irvine, CA 92614

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Irvine in Orange County is home to many popular attractions. When planning a visit to Irvine, reserve a Yellow Cab taxi. Our cab drivers offer professional, dependable service to all of Irvine’s attractions, nearby theme parks, golf courses, and businesses. Our late model sedans and vans are equipped with the latest GPS, dispatch, and telephone systems. Every cab is clean, smoke-free, and well-maintained for to provide superior service. Many of our vans are wheelchair accessible and can accommodate parties up to six. Call or go online to reserve a taxi.

Top Irvine Attractions:

Anaheim taxi

Benefit the Environment by Taking an Anaheim Taxi.

If you are one who is focused on the environment and its health, you may consider giving up your car and taking an Anaheim taxi to places you need to go. This seems counterintuitive – how can taking a different car benefit the environment? Fortunately, there are several ways that taking a taxi can help out the Earth:

Avoid the Frustrations of Driving with an Irvine Taxi Cab

Many of us do not pay close enough attention to the frustrations that can occur when driving. And for those of us that do, we feel that we have to simply deal with them, because there are no other options. But fortunately for us, an Irvine taxi cab can be a great option for those who are fed up with the hassles of driving.

Don't Know Your Area? Call an Anaheim Taxi Service

One of the most frustrating parts of driving is getting lost. As you drive and drive, you continue to make wrong turns, taking your further away from your intended destination. Instead of giving up or paying for an expensive GPS system, call an Anaheim taxi service to take you where you need to go.


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For information about our company, rates, and services, we can be reached at 800-649-1222 (714-776-7777 – Español).

Irvine Taxi Service

Southern California visitors and residents sometimes forget that they have any options beyond spotty public transportation and their private cars for getting around town. However, there are many situations in which using a taxi service is far more expedient and convenient than either driving yourself or waiting around for a bus or train. Unlike New York, where taxis fill the streets, in California it is important to know a reliable cab service to get the best out of your taxi experience.

Taxi Cab in Newport Beach

You are visiting Newport Beach and do not yet have the lay of the land. You are going to or arriving from the airport or train station and have no one to give you a ride. You want to get home safely after a night on the town with friends. You are sick of the hassle of parking far away and walking blocks to get to the place you are going. You have no car and are frustrated with waiting for trains and buses. You are disabled, and most cars do not properly accommodate your needs. All of these are good reasons to call a taxi cab in Newport Beach.

Taxi to Airport Orange County

Air travel is a huge part of many people’s lives these days. Whether traveling to go on vacation, visit family, or for business trips, at one point or another, most people will end up having to take a plane somewhere. However, getting to and from the airport is sometimes the most difficult and inconvenient part of the whole process. Taking a taxi to the airport in Orange County is a smart way for travelers to avoid the hassles that often come with transportation to and from the airport.

Santa Ana cab

The Financial Benefits to Riding in a Santa Ana Cab.

If you consider riding in a taxi to be a lower form of transportation, you may be surprised to learn how many benefits there are to taking one. A Santa Ana cab can help the environment and be a major convenience for you, but you might be surprised at some of the financial benefits to traveling in a taxi cab:


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