California Gas Prices Investigated

Something has gone awry with California’s gas prices. U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein believes that the sharp increase in gas prices is unwarranted and suspects price gouging. She outlines in a recent letter how she thinks that a recent fire at a Richmond refinery is tied to the spike in prices. She expresses her concern over the impact it is having on the California economy and residents.

Proposition 39

With the Presidential election a little over a month away, the country has several heavy hitting topics on the forefront of their minds. Californians, including those at Yellow Cab, are becoming active participants in the debate touching on topics that are hitting close to home including schools, jobs, Proposition 39 and even clean energy>

Taxi Safety in Any Country

Taxi services are offered all across the globe in a variety of vehicles, from bike and car taxis to those pulled by people themselves. Often part of the landscape in a bustling metropolis, taxi drivers in cities from San Dimas to Bangladesh typically intend to drive their cargo from one destination to the next as quickly as possible. With many choose from, and often times a barrier when it comes to language and directions, hailing a cab in a country foreign to your own can be a bit nerve-wracking.

Why Orange County Taxi Rates are Worth It

At first glance, many people might balk at Orange County taxi rates. After all, driving your own car is much cheaper, isn’t it? A rental car would be cheaper too! However, upon closer inspection, you might discover that Orange County taxi rates simply aren’t that high, and they actually can be cheaper when used correctly.

Should I reserve a shuttle or just hail a cab?

When traveling to and from the airport in anew city, it’s often best to make sure you don’t have to drive. Why? Navigating can be really tough, especially if the city is big and you arrive during rush hour. You’ve got to worry about looking at or listening to directions and try not to rear-end the car in front of you. Can you imagine driving around the busy Southern California freeways and getting lost? Talk about road rage. That’s why it’s smart to plan ahead and hire an experienced driver to take you to your hotel or wherever you’re staying.

Shuttle or Cab?

Out on Business? Take a Taxi in Newport Beach CA

Business trips come with a lot of different expenses. One expense that comes up is transportation, specifically, the rental car. Rental cars have been a staple of the business trip for a long time now, but there are some key disadvantages to having one.

For example, the rental car implies that you know where you are going. If you get lost, you are out of luck. You will drive around, running late for whatever meeting you are missing, and you are paying for gas the whole time. Another problem is the cost – is the rental car going to be used enough to justify its cost?

You Don’t Even Need a Phone to Hire a Yellow Cab

Though it’s always an option, there’s no need to use your phone – to dial, anyway – to get in touch with Yellow Cab Co.

Remember the days when you had to look through a phone book to find anyone’s number? Or keep it on speed dial for convenience? Phones are a lot more sophisticated these days, thankfully. You can even tell them to looks something up for you, then the phone dials the number automatically. It’s terribly efficient. Since you’re already using your phone to look up a cab company, wouldn’t it be great if it was a one-stop shop?

Take a Newport Beach Taxi Service on Your Next Business Trip

Heading out of town on business? You might want to consider taking a Newport Beach taxi service. While many business travelers prefer taking public transportation or renting a car, they are ignoring many key benefits to using a taxi service that you can enjoy on your business trip.

What to Look For in an Orange County Taxi Service

If you are looking to get a cab when you are traveling around Orange County, a taxi service can be a real benefit to you. But you know that not all taxi services are created equal. Some do not provide quality vehicles, some have dangerous drivers, and so on. So how do you know which service to choose?

While Away on a Work Trip, Take a Newport Beach Taxi

Business trips can be stressful. You are away from home (and potentially away from loved ones), you are in an area you are not familiar with, and you have business to take care of. Whether you are dealing with clients or associates, it is easy to feel the pressure. One way you can reduce some of that pressure is by taking a Newport Beach taxi while you are in town.


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